8 Photoshop Alternatives To Create Graphics For Your Website

8 Photoshop Alternatives To Create Graphics For Your Website

Don’t you enjoy seeing those pretty graphics on Pinterest and Facebook from some of your favorite bloggers and wonder how you create some for yourself? If you were to ask what program most creative use, it would typically be along the lines of Photoshop. Starting out as an entrepreneur, it may not financially be the choice you could afford to make at the moment. 

This is why I took some time to research and test out different alternatives to Photoshop that could give you the similar and maybe even better results, especially for beginners. The best part, they’re budget friendly. So let’s get started on this list of 9 Great Alternatives (Free & Cheap).

Canva (Photoshop Alternative)
CANVA (online + app)

Canva.com is one of my top choices of alternatives next to Photoshop. There so many templates to start you off with from Pinterest post, Instagram graphics, E-books, and many, many more. Canva is FREE to sign up for and the free option offers a lot. There is, however, a paid version that allows you access to more such as images, layouts, and more. The paid version even allows you to save your brand colors so when you choose a design, it’ll include it. For those on the go, Canva has an app in the Apple App Store, making it easy to create graphics while you’re out.

COST: FREE | PAID VERSION – $12.95/MO OR $119.40/YR

GIMP (windows only)

Gimp was one of my favorites before I could afford PS. Very similar and close to PS and it has been around for many, many, years. Still pretty popular and it’s beginner friendly to learn the user interface and tools. You can do any and everything in Gimp and there’s even brushes you can download from sites like DeviantArt to use in Gimp to make your graphics POP a little more.



Pixelmator is another great alternative to Photoshop. Similar tools and even great for cropping, resizing, and editing photos to create effects you’re looking for. It’s also great for creating vectors and using brushes for coloring. Pixelmator allows you to use layers to add greater effects and my favorite thing is the user interface is easy to use. You can files as .psd for PS and even images for web. There’s even an autosave feature so you won’t lose any of your progress if anything shall happen.


PAINT.NET (windows only)

Paint.NET is a good program for editing photos. It has an easy interface as well with an easy learning curve. It supports layers so you can feel free to stack images, special effects, and more. There’s a lot of tutorials you use and even apply plug-ins for more features.


Picmonkey (Photoshop Alternatives)

Picmonkey is an online program that allows you editing for images and applying text to your photos. You can use features such as adding effects and more. The good part about it being online is it doesn’t take up program space on your computer. There’s also a PAID version that allows you access to more photo editing tools such as photo retouching, stickers, overlays, and creating beautiful mockups.


Pixlr (online + App for osx & Android)

Pixlr offers 2 free online versions, Editor and Express). Editor allows you to create graphics, edit photos, and transform with layers while Express offers quick editing for adding effects to an image if you need to do something quick and easy. And if you don’t want to work online, you can download the desktop version for your convenience.


Corel Paintshop Pro (Windows)

Corel Paintshop Pro was a program I used to use starting out and it offered me some very close features to Photoshop. You can create beautiful graphics and texts using brushes, textures, and more. Paintshop Pro has great photo editing tools and filters allowing you to make the look you’re going for. It’s a bit higher up on the price, but the price is a one-time fee compared to Adobe’s monthly subscription.

COST: FREE TRIAL | PAID -$63.99 – $79.99

Inkscape (Windows & mac)

Inkscape is a vector program for all systems that can allow you to create shapes and manipulate them as you please. You can work with multiple layers and use the text tool to put text on your graphics to create your post photos and more.


These are the list of free and cheap alternatives to Photoshop that can give you the same or close to the same abilities as your favorite designer & blogger to create beautiful graphics for your website. Know someone who needs a program to create their graphics? Share this post with your friends. Feel free to share in the comments other programs you know or if these were helpful to you.

Ever see those pretty graphics by your favorite blogger or designer and wonder how you can create the same without the major cost? Here's 8 Alternatives to Photoshop to help you achieve the look you're going for.
Mariah Streater

Mariah Streater

Graphic Designer & Branding Strategist at Mariah Antionette | Design + Branding
Mariah Streater is a branding and graphic designer that help entrepreneurs and small businesses appeal to their target audience. She is Chicago-based, but loves to travel and explore.
Mariah Streater

About Mariah Streater

Mariah Streater is a branding and graphic designer that help entrepreneurs and small businesses appeal to their target audience. She is Chicago-based, but loves to travel and explore.

  • Dia

    This is the second post I’d read today suggesting Pic Monkey not gonna lie I thought that was a stock photo site lol. Thanks so much for sharing these.

  • I actually use Picasa – very easy to use. I recently discovered Canva and it’s fun to use too 🙂

  • these are great picture editing platforms. I really like Canva. Picmonkey would be the second choice. Keep up the great work and live unstoppable!