I’m Mariah Streater and welcome to my ambitions as a graphic designer + branding specialist. I’m an straight forward and determined Chicagoan who makes it her mission to discover and encourage GROWTH!  
During the last seven years I’ve spent hours of time working and accomplishing a meaningful purpose of who I wanted to be, to help tell a story and to make dreams come true.
Now I know it sounds like some fairy tale story happening here but hear me out!
In 2013, I graduated from Columbia College Chicago with my Bachelors of Art degree. This freelance passion wasn’t my first choice of occupation as I was one of those dreamers that imagined going to a traditional school and working in someone’s office until I retired. I got introduced to the idea of creating a sole-proprietorship in my senior year of high school, little
did I know, was all the work that comes with establishing yourself as a brand and managing a business, a small business to be exact. Not to say it was impossible. But it required hard work, time, dedication, and TRUE PASSION. 
Building Foundations, One Brand at a Time.
Since the beginning of my journey as a entrepreneur I’ve help quite a few people and local businesses enhance their branding presence and build more success. Over the course of time, I’ve generated many logo designs, redesigns, web design + developments, and social media campaigns.
The one thing that drives me more than my passion for design, is to work with people who are just as passionate about excelling in their dreams. The people that I’ve had the opportunity to work with thus far have not been my clients to me, but developed into a friendship.
My business is not just work for me, it’s living a passionate dream. I invest myself into bringing my client’s dreams, and to see them just as excited about their dreams becoming reality as I am about making their dreams come to fruition. Satisfaction is key. Through satisfaction, you create a happy client, a happy business, and most importantly, a happy life.
Now It’s Time To Build Your Foundation.
As much as I love working with everyone, I especially love working with entrepreneurs and startup businesses who want to build their brand. My process consist of getting to know you, your personality, your purpose and your target audience. Along the journey I tend to extend encouragement to help you focus and fulfill your purpose as you move forth.
Sounds like you and your interested in working with me? Start Here.